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Elder Johnny Jones, Pastor


Church History

Liberty Primitive Baptist Church History

In the year of our LORD, 1876, The Liberty PB Church was organized in Berkley, Alabama with Rev. Uzziah Weatherly as Pastor. The Deacons were: Brothers Jake Robinson, William Hayes, Effer Allison, Tom Horton, Van Horton, and William Hayes, Jr., who also served as church clerk. Mothers were: Sisters Mary Shepherd, Amanda Parker, Linda Burress, Crecie Wrice, and Laura Parker.

During the late 1800's Liberty PB Church was instrumental in the organizing of Saint Minor PB Church in the Red Hill Community, Guntersville, Alabama, under the pastorage of Rev. Wesley Mastin. Liberty provided governing power to this body until Deacons were ordained.

Under the pastorage of Rev. Cable Wilson, the following Deacons served: Brothers Willie Hawkins, Tom Horton, Thomas Hayes, John W. Parker, Charlie Humphrey, and Patt Parker. Mothers included: Mothers Crecie Wrice, Laura Parker, Sarah Taylor, Linda Burress, and Nannie King. Church Clerk was Deacon Willie Hawkins.

Rev. Sidney Darwin succeeded the Pastorage in 1927 upon the death of Rev. Wilson. Deacons were: Brothers Tom Horton, Will Hawkins, Thomas Hayes, John W. Parker, Charlie Humphrey, and Wattie Hawkins. Church clerk was Deacon Wattie Hawkins. Mothers were: Mothers Crecie Wrice, Laura Parker, Sarah Taylor, Kate Jackson, and Nannie King.

Rev. W. M. Holman assumed the responsibility in 1934 and served faithfully until his death in 1972. During his 38 years of service to Liberty numerous improvements were made including building of a new sanctuary. Deacons were: Deacons L. C. Pickens, Will Hawkins, J. W. Parker, Thomas Hayes, C. H. Humphrey, W. T. Hawkins, Archie D. Cross, Thelma Collier, Dock Humphrey, John Taylor, Moses King, Thomas Cross, Sr., Henry Sullivan, and Jonah Wilson. Mothers were: Mothers Kate Jackson, Bessie Humphrey, Ella Taylor, Ella Sullivan, Willie Jackson, Lillie Sullivan, Lorene McCombs, and Lucille King.

Upon the passing of Rev. Holman in 1972, Rev. Archie D. Cross assumed the task as Shepherd of the Flock. He was successful in his leadership at which time many improvements were accomplished such as the building of the fellowship hall as well as other improvements. He served until 1981.

Elder Moses King and Elder Henry Sullivan accepted their calling into the ministry. Later Elder Sullivan was elected as pastor of Pilgrem Rest PB Church, Deposit, Alabama of which he pastored until he became disabled.

Our current Pastor is Elder Johnny Jones, who assumed the task as Shepherd in 1981. Our First Lady is Sister Barbara Jones. Liberty has continued with improvements under Elder Jones leadership.

Our Associate Ministers have included Elder Dennis Green, Elder Walter Pride, Elder Willard Baldwin, Elder Marcus Baker, Elder Chris Collins, and Minister Tyrone Montgomery. Elder Green was later elected Pastor, Mt. Lebanon PB Church, Gurley, Alabama, but later returned. Elder Pride was later an Associate Minister, Matkins Chapel CPCA, Huntsville, Alabama, until his passing. Elder Baker later became an Associate Minister at St. Mark PB Church, and then Pastor of the Elkmont First Missionary Baptist Church. Elder Collins most recently became the pastor of St. Stephen PB Church in Decatur, AL. Minister Montgomery continued at Liberty, until his passing.

Our current Associate Ministers are Elder Daryl Eady, Elder Dennis Green, and our Minister of Music is Brother Bobby Stone.

Other Deacons who have served the Liberty PB Church Officers Deacons Board have been: Deacons Earnest Taylor, Jr., Lewis Cross, Jonas Wilson, Joseph Hinds, Otis Humphrey, Sr., and Bobby Humphrey.

Deacons currently serving are: Deacons Charley Cross our chairman, Howard Cross, Thomas Cross, Jr., David N. Cross, Wallace Cross, Jr., Charles King, Ricky Robinson, and Bobby Wesley.

Mothers who have served the Liberty PB Church Mothers Board have been: Mothers Irma Sullivan, Frances Melinda Childress, Etta Mae Cross, Alberta Jude, Margaret Taylor, Lillie B. Sullivan, Willie Pearl Jackson, Elizabeth Humphrey, Ellen Cross, Mary Lucille King, Mary Douglas, Lorene McCombs, Rachel Stone, Pearl Walker, and Pinkie M. Cross.

Mothers currently serving are: Mothers Gloria "Jean" Brazille, Beulah Dillard, Dorothy Drake, Carrie Heathington, Jennie Humphrey, Gay Robinson, and Ann Scruggs.

Our beloved Late Deacon Thelma Collier served faithfully as Deacons Board Chairman and our beloved Late Deacon Thomas Cross, Sr. and our beloved Late Mother Irma Sullivan served as Church Clerks for many, many years and at a proper time they prayerfully and spiritually resigned from that responsibility.

Our beloved late Elder Moses King served as Program Committee Chairperson and Co-Chairperson until his death. Our beloved late Deacon Joseph Hinds served as Church Treasurer for many years and at the proper time he humbly resigned from that responsibility due to his medical condition. Our beloved late Brother Don Drake organized the first Usher Board. He faithfully served as a doorkeeper for many, many years.

Our clerks: After several dedicated years of service, Sister Mary Louise Crosby stepped down as Correspondence Clerk. Currently, Sister Ellen Marie Cross, Correspondence Clerk, Sister Dorothy Drake, Assistant Correspondence Clerk, Sister Donna Williams, Financial Clerk.

Liberty Primitive Baptist Church is a member of the Indian Creek Primitive Baptist Association. Elder Mylon Burwell is the Moderator and our own Elder Johnny Jones is the Vice Moderator.

Liberty Primitive Baptist Church

Elder Johnny Jones, Pastor

Vice Moderator of the Indian Creek P.B. Association

(Berkley Community)
268 Burress Road - Gurley, AL 35748
Phone Number: (256)776-2528